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Do you want to be the best in world and national leaderboard and beat your friends? Contribute the highest amount of points to national leaderboard and be part of your nation's success? Then join today, sit in the cockpit and show everyone, what you got! RACE: Formula nations is game for mobile and tablet devices with Android or iOS operating system.

In your monopost, you can race against 4 ghosts on each track, unlock many of other tracks and earn important points for online leaderboard.


Show your talent

Can you handle 400 horses under the hood of your monopost? Do you let go of your gas pedal only in the sharpest turns? Can you avoid hitting the track's barrier, that's penalized with additional seconds? Do you have nerves of steel, nothing can break your concentration and you finish the race only with a new record time? Wait no more, your nation needs you! Sit in the cockpit and show everyone, what you got!

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  • 14 race tracks
  • 2 leaderboards
  • 4 ghosts
  • 2 cameras
  • 3 day times

Race tracks

Many kilometers

When you begin, you have four school tracks available, on which you'll get familiar with the controls. Your goal will be to beat at least some of the ghosts and be rewarded with trophies and coins. For those you can then unlock not only more school tracks, but even more harder and longer tracks.

Tracks are splitted into four difficulties - school, short, medium and long. Certain count of trophies must be acquired to unlock those. You can compete with four ghosts or other racers in national or world leaderboard on each track!



Be the best

Compete against riders of your nation and even the whole world. Collect points for your placements on each track and be the best!

Each track has it's own national and world online leaderboard with best race times. Placements in these leaderboards is rewarded with points for a total leaderboard of RACE: Formula nations game! Higher placements in each track, will earn you more points for the total leaderboard.



Be faster

Each tracks has 4 times to beat - bronze, silver, gold and platinum one. Each of these times is visualized by a ghost during the race. That way, you can always tell how well are driving and find some of your weak spots on a track and improve constantly.

If you're amining for the top, you can also choose to display the ghost, which corresponds to the best national or world race time. Of course there is also ghost for your own personal record on given track.



The right view

Your can choosen from two cameras. First is the onboard camera, which you know from TV broadcast of the F1 races and which will provide the real driving experience and enhance the feeling of speed. The second camera is well known from other racing games. It's positioned behind the monopost, so that it gives you the best view of your surroundings, but the controlling and driving experience isn't as good as with the onboard camera.


Day times

No stereotype

Each track has predetermined daytime. You can race on tracks during the midday with a bright sun. You can also go to track during the sunset and be slightly blinded by a sun glare, when driving towards it. The last daytime, at wich some races took place, is night. Enjoy the ride at night under artificial light!



Fun and more fun

A lot of tracks and more will be added? Online leaderboards or offline profile, which depends on your current internet connection? Four times to beat on each track, that rewards you? Two camera views, from which you can control your monopost? Races in three different daytimes? That's never ending fun with a game RACE: Formula nations!

If you want to know more about these features, click on their icons on the left and you'll get additional information, which will explain to you, why you won't be bored with this game!

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